This week in tweets… 2010-12-03

This week in tweets… 2010-12-03
  • There is way too much advertising going on here. — at Texas Stars Hockey #
  • Shutting down the computers to move them to a bigger room! So exciting! #
  • Office is about 50% moved furniture-wise. Time to refuel. — at Magnolia Cafe #
  • Small business Saturday, check! — at Waterloo Records #
  • Never been to this one and it's right by the house. Gotta get grits! — at Jim's Restaurant #
  • OMG!!! My friend, @Jagmas , just dropped off a Kinect to my house! That man is crazy! I'm just in awe at the moment. #
  • This could be a marketing opportunity… I just thought, "Hmmm, I better put on a sports bra before I play my new game." #
  • Styled my profile with a sweet Natasha Wescoat theme using Themeleon by @COLOURlovers Love it? #
  • It's time to dance!!! #
  • WOOOOO!!!! Dance Central for over 2 hours, and the only reason I stopped was cuz I was starting to feel super dizzy. H2O probably needed. #
  • omg. i. am. so. sore. #
  • Been awhile. — at ZUZU Mexican Food #

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