This week in tweets… 2011-01-14

This week in tweets… 2011-01-14
  • Cedar starts bugging me right NOW!? Guess it could be worse. At least I enjoyed my Alma Blanca before it hit :D #
  • Early Tex Mex with Miguel and his Commie friend, Andreas. — at Chuy's Tex Mex #
  • Well I didn't want to see it, but True Grit did not suck. — at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Lake Creek #
  • Drankin' — at Vino Vino #
  • OMG. So delicious! — at Titaya's Thai Cuisine #
  • Getting some veggie vittles for the stranded hubby — at Terra Burger #
  • Cedar isn't even very high today, and yet I can still barely open my eyes. Bonus of this mess is I go to bed really early cuz I'm so wiped. #
  • Soup in a bread bowl. Hellz yeah. — at Panera Bread #
  • I'll have to remember how dead it is up here on a weeknight. — at Skechers Footwear #

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