This week in tweets… 2011-02-04

This week in tweets… 2011-02-04
  • I just saw a chic running on town lake in a bulletproof vest. Austin ain't that gangsta. #
  • Miguel says he thinks sauerkraut smells like pot. I say, sir, you've not had enough of either in your life to say such things :D #
  • Late fondue dinner. I'm so excited for cheese and dessert! — at The Melting Pot #
  • $1 mimosas? Scary. — at Taverna #
  • Dixie Longate Tupperware Party. Let's see if I can walk out of here without — at Long Center for the Performing Arts #
  • My very first time here!!! — at Oil Can Harry's (OCH) #
  • We're roaming. — at Sullivan's Steakhouse #
  • OMG. A month of being sick and allergies has whooped me. Dance Central is kicking my ass. #
  • Need food and coffee. Slightly hungover. Goodtimes. — at Galaxy Cafe #
  • Got a gift last night! Totally out of the blue, and for no reason, other than Miguel knew I wanted a new p&s camera!! Canon S95, btw :D #
  • Ready, Aim, FIIIIRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pew Pew PEW!!!! #

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