Tick Tock.. Tick Tock… DING

Tick Tock.. Tick Tock… DING

So, for those that have known me and have any kind of a conversation with me, I have been counting down the days until October 28, 2008. Why that date? Well, you see, that’s when my cell phone contract expired.

My (RED) RAZR was good for about the first year, and then went to complete crap after that. I took it into Sprint several times, and they gave me new batteries twice, but now refuse to give me new batteries. They say nothing is wrong with the battery, it’s just that I have a crappy Motorola phone. Um, a crappy Motorola phone YOU sold me. Douches. It was after the last time they refused to fix my phone, that I decided that I would be willing to switch to AT&T to get an iPhone. And I hate AT&T. But, I really really want an iPhone. Hell, a phone that works for longer than 15 minutes would be an improvement.

So, I’ve been counting down until the day that I could get an iPhone and dump Sprint. Do I currently have an iPhone? No, why? Well… Mike thinks that the iPhone will be updating soon. Most likely in its size. It doesn’t help that this website seems to be supporting his theory. The iPhone is listed as being in the final stages of it’s current cycle. But, I’m thinking the next update isn’t going to be available until February.

I’ve been counting down for 3 or so months, and now I’m possibly looking at 4 more? GEEZUS. It’s driving me insane. I want a new phone dammit. Patience is SO not my forté. This is my dilemma. Buy my precious new phone now… or wait and get a bigger one, for the same price… and most likely keep it longer.

AHHH. Yes, I know the better thing to do… but my technology cravings are strong.

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