Too Much Food

Too Much Food

I've kept meaning to mention this, but I've just not gotten the chance to. On September 17, 2006, I started a diet. OOOh, *gasp*, shocker, I know. But, I don't start diets on a whim. My desire to lose weight is so strong that when I decide to start a diet, I commit fully.

I was on Weight Watchers for a year, and Jenny Craig for a year, and in those two years I only lost 17 pounds. So, I feel like most diets just don't work for me like the average dieter. One thing I did try for 4 months in 2005 was a low-glycemic diet on my own. I did it to the extreme though. No bad carbs at all – no rice, no pasta, no bread. I lost around 20 pounds doing that but that gets tiring quick. I consider myself extremely successful for managing that for 4 whole friggin months. One thing that did teach me is that out of all the different programs I've tried, the whole low GI was by far the most successful. So, recently while cruising online, as we all do, I ran across some stuff about Nutrisystem. They had recently redesigned their entire system to low-GI. OMG, I thought. So I looked some more. I was most curious about price, mais naturellement, and was still interested. For about $300, I could get food for 4 weeks. That includes three meals and one dessert. The fact that I hate to cook, and would by far rather not eat than have to worry about actually having to deal with the whole thing, this was looking mighty interesting.

I figured I'd try it for at least one go around. When you first purchase it, you get an extra week for free. So I got 5 weeks for just under $300. One of the shockers upon receiving it all, was that none of needs refrigerating or freezing.  Wow, another reason to love it. It's not like I have a ton of room in there. I took some pics of all the stuff after unpacking. My main goal with this was not to lose weight, but to simply eat more regularly. With this, I just have to add stuff like salads, veggies, diary/protein. I did a breakdown of what that's costing me daily versus the way I'd been eating out, and the difference is crazy. The NS stuff alone costs me about the same, if not less, than what I was spending on going out to lunch everyday. Throw in some veggies, yogurt, salad stuff, and it's still nothing. I can already notice the difference in the bank account. Now I just gotta get Mike to stop eating lunch out everyday. HA! We shall see.

Another thing about me and diets is, I can tend to get a wee bit obsessive. In the past, I would weigh multiple times a day and store it in a spreadsheet along with every bit of food I would eat and all it's nutritional info.  It was crazy. The only way I got over this was to stop weighing completely. I even started telling my doctors to not tell me what I weighed. I'm not that bad anymore, the only place I will weigh is at the doctor, and I don't mind seeing that anymore. So, I've gone to the doctor a couple times recently. Once a couple weeks before starting NS, and another time the other day. So, from those weigh-ins I have lost 5 pounds. That is so astonishing to me! I find it hard to eat so much frickin food sometimes, but I'm so excited. I'm totally diggin' the Nutrisystem thing, and am gonna keep it up. My next order from NS ships any day now. I know it sounds expensive, but it's actually saving me time and money, and I'm actually losing weight. Craziness.

So, I'm gonna try to keep y'all posted on my progress. Wish me luck!

(oh, and if anyone is interested in NS themselves… email me. as a member, I can give out $15 off referall coupons) 

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