Verrrrrrrrry Sleeeeeeepy

Verrrrrrrrry Sleeeeeeepy

The Write-Brain Workbook – Day 64

Write, and whenever you get to a word, use it!! Start with:

The hypnotist promised he could help me lose weight. I was skeptical, of course, but after my mind went into circles on yay or nay, I finally gave in. I’ve tried everything else under the sun. Why stop now? The drive to his office was long, the walk up the stairs was even longer. I waited inWriting Day 64 the lobby for awhile. Just as I was getting comfy in the huge love seat, the doctor came to get me. I sat down in his office and tried getting comfortable. It didn’t work. He sat me in a tiny chair. I was losing confidence in this whole thing more by the second. Just then, he pulled out something that sparkled. I realized it was a long chain with a big silver ball on the end. It was then I got ice cold. This was a mistake. I was just about to tell him so when he started his spiel. I was a goner. Who knew I’d be so easy. I was so far gone, that if anyone were to scream fire, I probably wouldn’t have cared. I can’t remember what happened, but when the alarm sounded for the session to be over, it seemed only a second or two had passed. I left quite confused, but then went home and ate a spiral-sliced ham all by myself. Son of a bitch.

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