You Drive Me Crazy!

You Drive Me Crazy!

I do believe Mike has found himself a "new" truck! He's been looking at Craigslist for something as close to what he had as he could find. Well, he didn't find a white one, but it's a beautiful blue one. It's a 1995 (his old one was 1993) and it has leather interior. He's SO excited! You can check out the craigslist post until it's gone. He's gonna have Lemon Busters check it out, just to make sure, but he most likely will be having a new truck in a day or two.

And, in other news…  I have been on pager this weekend and it has been a nightmare. I've gotten maybe 6 hours of sleep this entire weekend. At one point on Saturday, I see people logging into IM. I turn around and notice that, yes indeed, the sun had risen long ago. By this morning, I was a sniveling crying ninny. The phone wouldn't stop ringing and I just wanted to sleep and maybe actually eat a meal. Was that really so much to ask? Apparently, cuz it's just been non-friggin-stop. We always have a primary and a secondary pager person, but we had to call in a third cuz it was just getting unmanageable. See, with this type of crap, why can't they just hire an after hours/weekend person. It's insane.

While the storm settles for a bit, I think I might actually go try to take a nap.

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